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We start with becoming acquainted with each other and discuss all aspects of our future work. Image consulting consists of setting goals in order to work out the image in mind. This includes: ​

  • choosing the right spectre of colors for the garderobe, based on your natural color type;

  • choosing the right styles and silhouets, which will ultimately exploit and emphasize the main strenghts of your body;

  • choosing your style based on your inner feelings. I will not impose my own style to you, I will only help you to discover your style and help to guide you in the optimal direction, which will result in your individual authentic style.


I will help you revise your full or seasonal garderobe. This includes:

  • making sets from existing clothes in your garderobe;

  • deciding what to add to your garderobe;

  • saying goodbye to outdated or worn out clothes/accessories.


Shopping is a pleasure! By working with a stylist, you should relax as much as possible and enjoy your new clothes/accessories. You can leave the rest to me. I will help you not to get lost in the endless amount of boutiques, malls and show rooms in Paris or Saint Petersburg, while I assist you in building your stylish garderobe on the basis of clothing/accessories prepared in advance. The only thing you need to do is try on the clothing/accessories prepared for you.



The grand finale of the workout of your image can consist of a photo shoot with a professional photographer and a make-up artist, either in Paris or Saint Petersburg. Price on demand.


A Moodboard (in the form of an electronic presentation) can be prepared with the purpose of an approximate visualization of the clothes/accessories/image that I intend to present to you during shopping. A Moodboard consists of photos of images that match yours, of approximate selections of pieces from required brands and of combinations of the foregoing, resulting in a presentation of looks. I advise to prepare a Moodboard before shopping, especially if you will visit me for shopping from abroad. 


I charge EUR 70 per hour for my work. If I work in Saint Petersburg, I also agree to charge you the RUB equivalent of EUR 70 per hour (based on the exchange rate as published by the European Central Bank on the date of my work).


It is very convenient for my clients that I spend most of my time in Paris. Before we meet in Paris, I will work out the optimal shopping route and help you save both time and money. I charge EUR 75 per hour for shopping in Paris and include my preparation time (generally 3 to 6 hours, depending the targets set). 


If you wish to shop in any other European country


Tax Free: You will be entitled to a refund of value added tax (VAT) ranging from 7% to 22%, depending on the country of shopping (e.g. generally 12% in Paris and 22% in Milan).

Outlets: Paris and Milan are also known for their outlet centres, where premium to luxury brands are generally presented with discounts of up to 80%.

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